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tree - the collective

“a secret music, a quiet music.  music for kitchens and friends.”   -  ceri rhys matthews


cerddcegin (kerth-keggin - welsh for 'kitchen music') is a folk music collective started by gwilym hardy (fiddle), elsa davies (fiddle and voice) and ceri owen-jones (harp and voice).


they eat traditional tunes, learnt from friends or brought to life from sleeping manuscripts and dream mash-up folk music on the west welsh coast: a music shaped in warm kitchens and tramping dark, gorse-patched cliffs.


the trio have performed in wales and abroad, and winter of 2012 took their instruments to western canada where they toured and taught, bringing a fresh approach to old stuff (tunes, songs, dancing, singing horses).


they recorded their first album, medlar pear, produced by ceri rhys matthews, sound-engineered by jens schroeder, released calan gaeaf 2012.


c[email protected]